Our Services


UNION SERV  Engineering function capability includes dedicated engineering services as well as technical support and solutions for our PM, during installation:

-Basic design
-Detail design
-2D/3D model generation
-System diagram
-Cable routing
-Bill of material

Turnkey Project Management

UNION SERV is providing cost effective solutions for its clients, owning the needed resources and facilities for undertaking the entire process starting from consulting &engineering to procurement and than  to fabrication - including needed treatment –as well as installation and commissioning  with high adaptability in working for a multitude of projects in marine industry or in related other steel structure industries:

-Piping fabrication and installation
-HVAC & aircon plant
-Hull & steel structures
-Pressure vessels/tanks
-Various installations & systems
The combination of all our services makes us flexible and competitive in the preparations, realization and delivery of your project. And you have a single-point-of-contact for all aspects of your project that is taken care of by driven and highly motivated professionals.

On and Offshore Solutions

UNION SERV is providing an wide range of solutions for various categories of steel structure for on and offshore field. Not every welding team can use steel to its full potential, but here at UNION SERV, we have the experience necessary to create steel products which are ideal for construction and design projects. We will tailor our steel to meet your specifications, giving you a final product you will be able to depend on for a very long time:

-Offshore structures
-Bridge structures
-Prefab steel buildings
-Steel towers
-Pressure vessels
-Plant construction

Our Projects

Totally   60+ projects for European clients:

  • Romania:  40+ projects,  starting 2014
  • Italy:  10+ projects, starting 2015
  • Holland:    6+ projects, starting 2017
  • Germany:    6+ projects, starting 2018